Membership - Great Southern Archers

Becoming A Club Member

You are invited to submit an Application For Membership to become a full financial member of Great Southern Archers. All membership is for a 12 month period and fees apply.

Acknowledgement of and adherance to GSA's Code of Conduct is a condition of membership. Failure to adhere to the Code of Conduct at all times whilst representing the club may result in termination of your membership.

The GSA Committee reserves the right to reject any application on the grounds of safety and/or conduct. If an application is rejected any membership fees paid will be refunded in full.

After a three month probationary period members are entitled to obtain a key which unlocks the gate, the clubhouse, the target shed and the toilets.  There is a $20 security deposit on keys which will be refunded on return of the key.  Please ask a committee member.

Club Target Fees are payable in addition to membership fees and may be paid upfront by the purchase of vouchers or each time you shoot.  Members can shoot at any time and the Target Fees allow you to use the Club facilities until the next Saturday shoot, excluding indoor meetings which attract a seperate fee. If you come at time other than Saturday please ensure that the red flag is flown at the gate.  It is stored in a white plastic tube on the gate post.  Please lock up before you leave.

The most common fees are listed below and are accurate as at November 2016 but are subject to change without notice.  Membership renewal and application for new membership can be made directly to the Club for payments by cash, cheque, money order or direct debit transfer.  Renewals and applications with payment via credit/debit card can also be done online via the blue buttons on the Archery SA website. Note that EFT charges are included in the fees for online membership transactions.

Please feel free to contact a committee member to discuss how to join GSA.  Generous discounts apply to people who join while participating in a beginners course.  Please see the club treasurer for details.

Single senior

$ 197.00

Target Fee Senior

$ 10.00

Single junior

$ 142.00

Target Fee Junior

$ 6.00

Family with minors

$ 339.00

Indoor Shoot Fee

$ 10.00

Temporary Member

Contact Committee

Social Member

$ 5.00

Temporary Membership

Temporary membership is also available for experienced archers (for saftey and insurance reasons an assessment by one of our Accredited Coaches must be carried out to determine competancy). Temporary membership is only available for 4 shoots at our club, and must be used within a year. For details about temporary membership fees please contact a GSA Comittee member.  Please note that Target Fees still for apply for each shoot.

Social Membership

Social membership is for people who want to visit Great Southern Archers for non-shooting purposes, for example social events or supporting junoir family members at working bees and the like.  Social membership does not grant general shooting privileges however, subject to saftey asessments, social members may shoot in some events such as family fun days.